Summertime Freestyle (Episode 30)

90’s Alternative (Episode 29)

rock-N-Roll remixed (episode 28)


Records From The Roller Rink (episode 26)

the ultimate new year’s party mix (episode 25)

Holiday Hitz Remixed (Episode 24)

Hip House Hitz (Episode 23)

Definitive Drum Machine Songs (episode 22)

New Jack Swing (episode 21)

Halloween Hootenanny (episode 20)

90's House Grooves (episode 19)

80's West Coast Hip Hop (episode 18)

Electro Funk (episode 17)

Mix & Mash (episode 16)

80's Eurodance (episode 15)

90's Rave Tunes (episode 14)

80's East Coast Hip Hop (Episode 13)

Songs For The End of Summer (episode 12)

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